About Rio Grande Family Medicine

Rio Grande Family Medicine was founded in 1988 by the late physician Steven D. Hsi. Dr. Hsi had always dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping others overcome sickness and stay healthy, and he believed that family practice would be the best place to help the most people. Although he passed away in 1999, his wife Beth Corbin continued the tradition of a small, patient-centered medical clinic with the help of loyal staff and devoted providers who shared her vision and beliefs.

Dr. Hsi’s struggle with heart disease and his philosophy when practicing medicine is documented in a book he wrote with lauded columnist for the Albuquerque Journal, Jim Belshaw. Closing The Chart was completed with assistance from Ms. Corbin and diary entries written by Dr. Hsi, who passed away before being able to complete his book.

We have celebrated 25 years of serving the greater Albuquerque community and are proud to have served generations of families which continue to come to us for help with their medical needs.

Dr. Steven Hsi